Woodland Trust Free Trees

October 8, 2013



The Golden Fleece Cricket Club are delighted to have been awarded a free tree pack from The Woodland Trust as part of their Free Tree Pack Scheme.

Each spring and autumn the Woodland Trust supplies free tree packs to community groups, schools and youth groups across the UK.

Packs enable groups to plant more trees, woods, copses and hedges in the shared spaces of their local areas. Helping support small-scale woodland creation, they complete our range of woodland creation offers.

The Golden Fleece Cricket Club have been awarded a 420 tree woodland harvest pack due to arrive in early November.  The wild harvest pack includes:  Hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, elder and dog rose and lets you grow native fruits, nuts and berries to make delicious delicacies to eat and enjoy.

The Golden Fleece Cricket Club are going to need help to plant all these trees and want community volunteers and groups to contact them on 01225 436109.


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