Match Report GFCC v Nomads 15/05/16

May 16, 2016

Match Reports

The Team:

D Hewett (*), S Pande, M Cartmel (†) , J Andrew, R Barraclough, B Doran, N Gibson, B Steed, J Nicholas, J Butts, P Findlay

The match report for this game starts with a huge thank you to Mike, Sachin and Jack for even getting the game on. 24 hours earlier it was not going to happen!! This did cause a confusion with the teas, but Chef Duncan came to the rescue, apparently he is still cleaning his kitchen.

Duncan unerringly lost the toss again, and the Golden Fleece were asked to bat, on what can only be described as “a bit of a rice pudding”

The opening partnership of J Andrew and R Barraclough made steady progress, with some fine straight hitting from Andrew, and they saw out almost to drinks break at 20 overs before the partnership was broken.

A steady fall of wickets continued due to the good bowling and occasional low/high bounce, with good resistance put up by N Gibson, until he was defeated by a stunning ball from a 12 year old.

The innings came to a close with The Fleece reaching 131 all out, in the last over of the innings.

Photo of tea being taken in game against Nomads

Tea interval during the game

After a great tea, see previous mention for Duncan, the Fleece opened the bowling with some hostile and accurate bowling from B. Steed, and some unhostile and wibbly wobbly stuff from B. Doran.

As happens in all the best fairy tales Steed went past every edge, missed every stump by a millimetre, and had shots fired directly to Butts, again and again, which unfortunately failed to stick, and Doran at the other end got the glory, with his second wicket being a stunning catch by M. Cartmel behind the sticks, who had a very good day.

With Doran exhausted with his stint of 5 overs he was called on to take a catch at what can only be described as “deep fine leg slip ish,” and has how beaten his total number of catches for last season.

Despite steady bowling, and some very accurate and lively balls from Gibson, there were just not enough runs on the board, and some powerful blows to the end of the innings saw NOMADS home with 7 wickets to spare.

One of the highlights of the Fleece fielding was the sight of Barraclough attempting to tunnel his way out of the ground under the perimeter wire, very much in mind of “The Great Escape”, his excuse was that he was retrieving the ball, but would only give his name, rank and serial number.

As always great thanks to all who played, and well done to NOMADS, always a pleasure to play you.

Bernie Doran.

Authors’ choice for Fleece Man of the Match:

Jon Andrew

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