Match Report – Winsley v GFCC 24/04/16

April 25, 2016

Match Reports

The Team

D Hewett (*)
S Pande
M Cartmel (†)
A Logan
T Clements
Luke Mitten
J Andrew
R Barraclough
B Doran
S Lovell
N Gibson

The game started in the time honoured GFCC tradition of Duncan (skip) losing the toss and we were asked to field.

Some tight bowling, and good fielding (yes I did say good fielding) was the order of the day, with Mike ensuring that his hands lasted the season as keeper, by stopping the ball heroically with every other part of his body, but his hands are fine.

Catches were taken, including a fine catch by Sam, also Luke kept up the tradition of a new player taking a wicket in his first ever match.

The highlight of the GFCC fielding was the immense gloat by Duncan on removing old boy Toby Nightingale, discreet it wasn’t and boy did it come back to bite him later in the game!

Some spirited hitting by the opposition enabled them to reach 171 of the agreed 35 overs with opening batsman Tom Clements high scoring with…well he reached double figures.

After a fine tea provided, it was now up to GFCC to go and show what they were capable of.

Unfortunately the combination of the change of weather conditions, which made the ball aim unerringly at the stumps, and the prior mentioned gloat upsetting Mr Nightingale, meant that GFCC fell a little short of their target. In the gathering gloom it was a little hard to see the scoreboard but suffice to say that the required score was not quite achieved.

A great vote of thanks to all who played yesterday, and although a close defeat, a good team effort.

Those playing next Wednesday at Bishop’s Cannings, let’s have some fun and for those not able to make it please look out for the match report coming to you after the game.

– Bernie Doran

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