Kissing Gate to nowhere!

May 28, 2013


Kissing gate

The Golden Fleece Cricket Club has been in the news recently. Not for the grand opening of our new pavilion or the first match at our new ground, but for the kissing gate that Wiltshire Council installed for us in the new field at Haines Croft.

We have had articles on the BBC website and a feature on BBC Radio Wiltshire, so we thought we had also better post something up on our website to make the issue very clear!

As part of the planning permission for changing the use of the field and building the pavilion, we are going to erect a 300m fence to divide the lower part of the field so it can be continued to be used for pasture.  As there is a right of way through the field, we were required to pay for the installation of two kissing gates, one at the far end of the ground and one on our new fence-line.

So we have paid for it, Wiltshire Council installed it, now we need to build a fence! We also  hope to plant a 90m hedgerow of native trees along the fence-line with the help of The Woodland Trust.

Of course this costs money, if you can help with any of this, by sponsorship or donating materials or trees then please contact us.

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